Christians Represent God

Christians Represent God – Romans 12:17-19


Vs 17 – Do not repay any one evil for evil.  Christians represent God and we are called to be holy, righteous and good.  Evil is associated with the devil.  Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.  It is true we live our lives for an audience of one but we also are ambassadors for Christ.  So live your life to show Christ in a positive way.

Vs 18 –  This is such a practical way to live.  If it is possible and it does depend on us.  We have the decision.  Live in peace with everyone.  Paul is saying we have the choice of whether or not we will live in peace with others.  Love and peace is a choice.  So choose wisely.

Vs 19 – Do not take revenge but let God fight your battles.  When you forgive part of that process is giving up your right for revenge.  You let God keep the books and trust Him to avenge you. His promise is that He will.