300 Friends

One night a young pastor in a meeting with his leadership team received a frantic call from his young wife that their six year old son had caught his arm in a hole.  He replied, "what’s the problem just have him pull it out."  She explained this hole was in a rock face behind their home and the arm was swollen and could not be pull out.  The young pastor immediately concluded the meeting and went home.  When he arrived the local fire department had already arrived and were trying to figure out the problem.  Early attempts of water and oil had caused an airlock or vacuum and the arm had been sucked deeper into the hole.  A local doctor had arrived and said, the best solution was to try to a break the vacuum.  He used hose used in IV’s but it just collapsed under the pressure.   The doctor decided to go back to the hospital to find a long special steel needle which could be inserted into the tube to relieve the pressure.  He left but before he did he sedated the little boy because his arm had already been in the hole for an hour and a half.     The little boy’s mother sang him songs, held him tight and prayed with him.  The Father franticly looked for solutions.  Finally after a while the Father joined his wife and the little boy and they prayed.  They were joined by people of the church, firemen and neighbors close by waiting for the doctor.  The doctor arrived a little later inserted the needle and with two or three pumps of air the arm popped free much to the delight of all 400 people who had gathered for this event.   There are two unknown features in this story.  The doctor who was a well known for his opposition to Christianity put it aside to help someone in need.  The pastor saw his faith rattled in the face of absolute helplessness for there was nothing he could do for his son but wait.   When your faith is shaken help can come from the most unexpected places or persons.