7 Disciples go fishing

Seven Disciples Go Fishing – John 21:1-14     We find the disciples back in Galilee and Simon decides to go fishing.  It was familiar and it was something that helped them to cope with the time they had on their hands.  They went out all night but caught no fish.  Early the next morning Jesus was standing on the side of the shore when He asked them if they had caught any fish to which they replied, “they had not.”  They did not realize it was Jesus.  He told them to throw their nets on the right side of the boat and they would find some.  They had nothing to lose so they did and they caught so many fish they were not able to haul all the fish in.  It was then that John stated it was Jesus and so Peter jumped into the water and the others followed and they brought in a haul of 153 fish.  They would haul this fish some 100 yards.  Jesus then served them breakfast of bread and fish.  They asked Him who He was even though they knew it was the Lord.  This was the third time Jesus had appeared to the disciples after He had risen from the dead.  The lesson we can learn from this story is that if we recognize the Lord as who He is we shall have even our ordinary task blessed with abundance.  Jesus said He came to give us life and with it abundance.  This story beautifully illustrates it.  So whatever you need ask the Lord and He will not only supply your need but in an abundant way.