A bad Report

In Numbers 13:25-33, This portion of scripture reports one of the greatest tragedies of the nation of Israel.  Here we have 12 men sent out to spy the land.  When they come back, 10 gave a bad report and said that the land could not be taken.  Only Joshua and Caleb gave a favourable report.  There were vast differences in the way that the 10 saw things and the way Joshua and Caleb saw things.  The 10 were moved by the things they saw.  They saw the huge walls and the chariots of iron.  They were moved by sight and not by faith.  They did not rely on God.  Joshua and Caleb however were moved by faith and not by sight.  They saw the huge walls, iron chariots, tall men as only stumbling blocks to the will of God.  They believed in the promises of God.  They knew that by the strength and will of God the land of Canaan could be conquered.  People of today are so often moved by the things that they see and the results are the same as the people of Israel faced.  Because the nation of Israel chose to rebel against the promises of God they were not allowed to go into the land for another 40 years.  They missed God’s perfect will for themselves at that time. God wants us as Christians to be moved by faith and not by sight.  Sometimes things don’t look always as they should.  But we have a promise from God and we can overcome when we walk with God.  Do that today.  Our promises today are Isaiah 41:10, Joshua 1:5, James 4:7, and 1 John 4:4.