A call to Prayer

Recently certain events have made me painfully aware of how important it is for people to pray for each other.  On Thursday morning I made a call to prayer and since then it has been all out warfare.  I truly have had the worst four days of my life but instead of backing down I have increase my own prayer effort.  Isaiah 59:19 states that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard against them.  We are the standard and when we are under attack that is a call to action.  When you are in those times you can have two reactions.  Sit there in confusion and shock or pick yourself up and get to work.  I have chosen the later.  There is a call to action going on through the Kingdom of God.  In this call is also a rallying cry for the people of God to pray together.  Solomon reminds us in the book of Ecclesiastes that a three fold is not easily broken.  Jesus also reminds us in Matthew that where two or three are gather in His name He is in their midst and when two or three agree on anything in prayer it shall be done for them.  When you are going through a hard time you need to up your prayer life and also call others to help you to pray through to victory.  God allows these times to happen for a reason.  Many times when you are going through them you do not see the whole picture but that it the time you trust God.  So today if you find yourself like me.  Drop to your knees and pray like there is no tomorrow and invite others to help you and see God come through.