A Daily Reflection

I just spent a few moments doing my famous work out.  Now I have always been a bit of an exercise freak.  Since I was 15 which by the way was just a couple of decades ago I have loved being physically fit.  I have not always been successful but at least I have not fallen over because of being out of a shape.  I am not a vegan or anything crazy.  I just like the fact that being in some type pf shape allows me to wrestle with my grand kids.  Beleive me if you are not in shape they will beat you into the carpet where you are nothing but a grease spot.  Great incentive.  When Gideon, Jeremiah and Gabriella get the chance they give me the whatever.  That is how it has been for decades.  It started with my own kids and its has continued to this day.  These rough housing session believe or not draw us closer.  Even though it looks like disorganized choas.  The bottom line we need interact with our loved ones in whatever form it may take.  So whatever form it takes spend time with your loved ones and enjoy each other and gifts you are to each other.