A Determination

   Saturday is traditionally my day of prayer and recharging.  I usually spend the morning relaxing and praying for Sunday.  Six days a week, I proclaim the gospel in one form or another.  Either throuh the preaching of the word on Sunday or sharing it in a radio format during the week.  Saturday is the day I rest and have my church service.  Each week I take Saturday and recharge my spiritual batteries.  It is also the time I make a new determination to draw closer to God and follow Him more closely.  It is on a day like today that I renew my pledge to go back to basics.  To pray with better clarity.  To read the word with a stronger personal emphasis and to pray daily for revival both personally, corporate and nation wide.  There are two things I know first, I have only a short ime period to work with because I believe in the personal and immanent coming of the Lord and secondly that there are still millions going to a lost eternity that I am responsible for.  I have been given a gift and responsbility.  To be able to share the goodnews of Jesus Christ to a possible audience of two million people in the Am 930 the Light signal and as well being abe to share the gospel around the world on AM 930 the Light.  I will do this to the best of mine and God`s ability.  That is my determination.