A dream that was so real

He woke his body dripping with sweat.  The dream he had experienced seem so real  for a moment he did know what was real or not.   He took a moment to compose himself and then he reflected on what he had seen.  The flames were so vivid, the screams so mournful and sorrowful. the pain on the faces, the anguish and the torment of each individual he had witnessed left him troubled and anxious.  Had he just been to hell he asked himself?   His mind race a thousand miles an hour as he reflected on what he had just experinced.  What does it mean and why did I see this?  Then it slowly dawned on him.  He must tell others what he saw and experienced for this is a place that no person should or want to go.  He was grateful for the fact that God had provided a way now it was his turn to show others the way.  Not to share this experience to cause fear but as an opportunity to show that God’s Kingdom as righteousness, peace, joy, love, grace and mercy.