A good wife.

In Pr 31:1-31, is a chapter about the writings of Lemuel who many believe was King Solomon and at the end he writes about the definition of a good wife.  Many believe that he was writing about his mother Bathsheba.  Many men of God have been ruined by their own wives.  John Wesley had a wife who was a gossip and trouble maker.  She would go into a town before he got there and tell the people how he beat her.  They would come to hear this man because of the bad news she spread and they would get converted and know how wrong she was.  Most of the time however this does not happen.  A wife can be a real blessing or curse.  I remember a story of a preacher who had a wife who would go to the people of the church and run them down with her tongue.  He had to leave the church after church because of this problem.  Finally God released her from this problem and God blessed herself and her husband.  The writer of proverbs, says that a man who finds a wife has found something more precious than rubies.  She brings good not harm.  Because of her and the children, her husband is respected.  The children love and respect her and her husband dotes on her.  Yes, a wife is a precious person.  So today husband treat your wife as a thoroughbred or she could turn into an old nag.  Your promises are today:  Ps 86:16, 102:28, 103:17, Prov 11:21, Isaiah 44:3, 49:25, Prov 22:6 and Acts 16:31.  You insightful sayings are:  Sin is like gravity, it keeps you grounded when you want to fly.  Any fool can appear wise until they open their mouth.