A great Gift

   In a land far away and in a time ong ago there was a king who was very kind and wanted to know how his subjects were doing.  Often he would disguise himself and walk among and visit the people.  One day in disguise he visited an old man in his humble cottage.  The king spoke kindly and spent time with him and shared in a simple meal with the old man.     Later the king visited he man but this time he came in his kingly attire and with an entourage of gifts.  The king asked the man if he wanted anything.  To his surprise the man replied, "I am content with what I have and who I am.  Give these to someone who really needs them."  He then something the king would never forget. He said, "When you came to me and spoke kindly to me, encouraged me and you shared my simple meal with me, you gave me the greatest gift of all.  You gave yourself."     The greatest gift we can give anyone is ourselves, unselfishly, unreservedly, with deep sincerity, compassion and love.