A Lesson for all Ages

 In Judges 2:17, a verse tells us the plight of the Israelites.  It is a lesson for all ages and time periods.  The children of Israel did not walk in the ways of the Lord as their Fathers did.  Children will not serve the Lord if the parents don’t do their part in teaching the pillars of the faith.  It may have been that the faith of these fathers began to waver because the godly leadership was gone.  It may have happened because people had made their relationship with God into a religious practice without real meaning.  Whatever the cause, the children or the next generation of Israelites became idol worshippers.  It is very hard to compete with the lure of the world and its influence on a young person without the Lord.  You, yourself must have a strong relationship with God.  Relationship is always greater than religion.  Your relationship with God can influence those around you.  Build and make it your aim to have a strong relationship with the Lord.  The next generation need your example.  Your promises today are, Joshua 24:15, Pr 22:6, Matt 6:33, Matt 22:37-30, Acts 16:31.