A Living Letter

In 2 Cor 3:3, Paul is commending the people at Corinth but also giving them a great truth about themselves and their relationship to God and mankind.  We are living letters or epistles.  One great preacher stated that we are many people’s bibles.  When people look at us, do they see Jesus?  In the past, man had the law of God written on stone tablets.  It was more service than it was a living reality.  Some people prefer the traditions of man verses a relationship with God.  The Spirit of God has come to write the law od God on our hearts.  With the law of God written on the heart the believer is called to be an ambassador or living epistle and love letter for Jesus Christ.  One man stated that Christianity is better caught than taught.  You say more with your life than a thousand words speaking.  Is the law of God writtten on your hearts or are you just playing church.  Today make it your aim to know God better and His word.  Your promises are:  1 Cor 10:13, James 4:7, Matt 6:33, Rom 10:17, James 4:7 and 1 John 4:4.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Love as if this is your last moment on this earth because it could be.  Children measure success not in what you give them but in the way you give yourself to them.