A Man who cannot speak is healed.

In Matt 9:32-34, Jesus was working and ministering when a demon possessed man was brought to Him.  This man could not speak.  Jesus spoke and the demon was driven out and then the man could speak.  The people were amazed and said, "Nothing like this has ever happened in Israel."  Th Pharisees said that it was through the power of satan that Jesus did this.  Jesus showed us here that there are demon spirits that cause afflictions and this is how you can tell their activity.  Nothing like this has ever happened like this before.  Jesus was the first to drive out demons just by His name.  There is no power in heaven or earth that is greater than Jesus’ name.  When something is done, those who are unbelievers will try to refute it or attribute it to something else.  In the case of the Pharisees they were walking on thin ice.  Your promises today are:  Deut 31:8, Ps 23:4, 34:4, 56:11, Prov 18:10, Isaiah 41:10, Rom 8:15, 2 Thess 3:3 and 2 Tim 1:7.  Your Insightful Sayings today are:  What is amazing is you will defend your music preference with such zeal and yet not your faith.  It is said that Jesus spoke more about resources than He did about heaven and yet most of His children know nothing about the proper use of them.