A Mature man

   Psalm 112, is a psalm that describes a mature person.  This teaching we will look at today was given by Dave Lagore of Calgray Christian Centre years ago.  A mature person’s children are mighty in the Lord and are blessed.  Wealth, riches and righteousness are part of their house.  The light of righteousness shines, for the gracious, compassionate and righteous person.  Good will come when they lend freely and are honest and just in their affairs.  They will not be shaken and they will be remember forever more.  No bad news will cause them to fear, they will trust in the Lord.  They will be secure and they will win over their enemies.  They give to the poor and their righterousness endures forever and they will be honoured.  Your promises are today:  Ps 37:25, 84:11, Prov 10:11, 10:24, Hosea 10:12, Matt 6:33, Rom 10:10, 14:17, Gal 3:6-7.  Your insightful sayings are:  Live so well that everyone knows what you believe.  Never use your personal freedom as an excuse for bad behaviour.