A new era.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of working the election in my community and saw the wheels of democracy move ahead.  The people of Alberta elected for another term the old government in a new form.  Now I do not know what the future holds for this province but one thing I do know is that the people have spoken.  Whether it is agood government or not that will be seen over the next four years.  One thing I do know is that people have exercised their right to vote a precious thing.  The question that I would like to look at today is does Christians have rights?  The answer is found in Romans where Paul says, "we have surrender our rights to the Lord."  As Christians every thing we do. say and act is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  It is a willing freedom we give to Him.  What concerns me is that we think that Christianity is a form of democracy where we tell God what we want to do in His name.  Our lives are under theocracy, God is in charge.  The problem comes when we keep taking command and this leads to conflict because when we are in charge we often make huge mistakes that can and often do lead to long term problems.  Which we in turn want God to get us out of.  My advice is simple.  Let the Lord take control of your life and let Him lead you.  He knows the beginning from the end and truthfully He does knows what He is doing after all He did create the unniverse and it seems to be fine.  So let Him be your Lord and master.  It will do you nothing but good.