A Pillar

March 2 – A Pillar – Rev 3:12-13

Vs 12 – This is such a powerful verse and great promise. To the overcomer the victorious. Jesus will make them a pillar in the temple of my God. An elevated position. A great promise of future exaltation and glory. Next, they will never leave this place. It is theirs forever. Like Paul said, nothing will be able to separate the overcomer from their God.
They will have written the name of my God and the city of my God. They will have the name of the Lord and His city. Like Abraham we have been looking for a city whose maker and builder is God. Not only will you have this but will have its name etched on your person. The city of Jerusalem is coming out of heaven. Jesus was preparing the churches for the future event of the New Jerusalem which will be the home of the people of God during the millennium. It will be 1500 miles, by 1500 miles by 1500 miles. It will be made of incredible material and be absolute beyond description. The wonderful blessing is that Jesus will also write on them His new name. A Great promise for the future and something for the overcomer and victorious one can look forward to in the future.

Vs 13 – Those who have an ear. Listen. This message is not to be ignored but heeded. To ignore a message from the Lord is risky and foolhardy. He gives this message as a warning and a promise. The Spirit during this book is speaking directly to the churches and to the church universal. Hear and obey what they spirit is saying. He gives it for a reason. The reason is to heed individuals to action.