A proper view

In Matt 7:5, Jesus gives us a short but powerful truth.  Never take that which is holy and give it to dogs or cast your valuables before pigs as they will trample the pearl and attack you.  This verse is a warning that there are others who do not view your faith as valuable as you do.  So be careful who you share your faith with for they will use it against you.  Jesus was specifically addressing the hypocrite.  He says to His audience that hypocrites will not see the value of your faith and will use it to attack you.  They will be your harshest critics because they had an opportunity and chose to reject it.  One time I had a friend who had been my closest friend when we were young.  I wanted him to know Christ.  So one day I took it upon myself to share my faith with him.  He did not want to hear and told me so in no uncertain terms.  I keep pushing the issue and the discussion turned into an argument.  We were driving in his truck and as I was aggressively sharing my faith we were going around a corner.  He simply reached over and opened the door on my side of his truck did a quick serve and I fell out.  He was going very slow so I just rolled onto the pavement.  Unhurt except for my pride I stood up and he drove off.  That was the last time I ever saw him.  That day I had cast my pearls before swine.  Now as I reflect on it, it was both tragic and funny.   Be wise with whom you share your faith.  You may be casting your pearl before swine or end up with road rash.