A question

A question – Romans 14:4-5


Vs 4 –  Again in the same format as previous chapters Paul begins his question and answer format.  “Who are you to judge some one else or their servant?  To his master he stands or falls.  If he does stand it is because the Lord enabled him to do it.  Each person has to give an account of their lives.  Each one of us has our own personal responsibility.  This is what Jesus said to Peter about John in John 21:33, “Jesus said to not worry about another but to follow Him.”

Vs 5 – The issue of what day to worship has been a hot topic since the beginning of the church.  The Jewish Sabbath is on Saturday and usually those who favor form and substance can fall into this camp.  They favor law and regulations, outward signs of faith.  They like the old, verses the new.  We however live in a new covenant.  Jesus rose from the dead on Sunday and it has been the prefer day of  worship for many since the church began.  Paul did both.  When he was trying to reach the Jews he would go to the Jewish meeting place and bring Jesus to the Jews.  One man considers one day sacred and another may consider all days sacred.  The issue to Paul is that each one be convinced in their own mind what they believe.