A real love story.

In Song od Solomon 1:1-4, is a love story and a picture of a true relationship between a man and a woman.  We live in a day where marriage and the vows of commitment that it brings mean very little.  Everywhere society is telling the wife and husband to do their own thing.  The victims of this philosophy are the children.  God has called the family unit to be strong and built upon the principles of the Word of God.  I have seen in many homes, this saying, "Christ is the unseen guest in this home."  It is also my hope that Christ is not just the unseen guest but the foundation that the home is built upon.  Nothing will keep a family from ruin like Jesus Christ.  Many Christian homes have been built or destroyed because of their application of this truth.  Today base your relationship with your spouse on what is found in the scriptures.  Your promises today are:  Ps 21:2, 86:16, 102:28, 103:17, Prov 11:21, 22:6, Isaiah 49:25, 54:13, Acts 16:31.  Your insightful sayings are:  Truth like faith begins in the heart of those who receive it.  Truth in the heart of a fool is as scarce as water in the desert.