A Servant Attitude

In Mark 9:35, Jesus explains that a child of God is to have a servant attitude.  Paul stated that we are not our own we have been bought with a price.  Jesus here had just found out that His disciples were disputing among themselves who was the greatest.  Jesus brought a child before them and told them that if they wanted to be great in God’s kingdom they had to become like a child.  He also told them they had to become like a servant.  A servant is one who works for another.  In our case we are working for the Lord.  A servant is one who does what they are told.  They also do it with a joyous and humble attitude.  A servant keeps their heart right so that when their master asks them to do something they work for the advancement of their master’s cause.  Again in our case we are promoting the Kingdom of God with righteousness, peace and joy.  These concepts which I have explained today are very foreign to most people today.  The other day I saw a Time magazine cover that showed a young woman playing on her phone with the caption, The "Me", generation.  Today everyone seems to be more concerned about what they can get from life and who should serve them than how they can serve others.  That is why the Kingdom of God is so different.  we are serving the Lord.  It is His will, plans and purposes that dominate our view of life.  Today let Jesus be Lord and let His Kingdom be your top priority.  This will lead to eternal and abundant life.