A Shield of Love

In Psalm 5:12, David writes that the Lord blesses the righteous and surrounds them with His shield of love.  When a person is righteous and has a right relationship with God they have the full benefits of God’s love.  This love is the basis of God’s grace and mercy.  God who is holy and righteous has His nature balanced out with love. mercy and grace.  God loves to bestow His love and grace to individuals.  When a person accepts or receives this grace they become righteous.  They become right with God.  God then begins to communicate all the benefits of heaven into theiir lives.  David said that these benefits of love surround the righteous like a shield of love.  Every day you and I have the opportunity to have a shield of faith surrounding us.  We are God’s habitation, He has set His love on us and we know His name.  What a privilege.  This reality must never be forgotten.  So as you approach God Friday and Easter Sunday thank the Lord that the Lord has blessed you and surrounded you with His love.