A Song of Praise

In Psalm 93, David is worshipping the Lord.  He reveals several things about the Lord here.  The Lord reigns and He is robed in majesty and armed with strength.  The world wass formed and established and canont be moved.  The Lord’s throne is firmly establidhed long ago and is eternal.  The seas lift their voice pounding against the shore in praise to the Lord.  All creation praises the Lord.  The mighty breakers remind us of the power of the Lord.  His statutes stand firm and His holiness adorns His house for endless days.  This Psalm is a message that the Lord is great and all creation shows His strength, majesty, grace and power.  Your promises today are:  Psalm 17:4, 25:15, 25:16, ,17, 20, 55:16-18, 97:10 and Isaiah 41:13  Your insightful sayings for today are:  It takes a real art to be able to apologize in such a manner that makes an offended party feel guilty.  Live your life so well every day that at the end of it, you will have no regrets.