A Time such as This.

In Esther 2:17-18, the bible says that Esther was made Queen over the Medo-Persian empire.  It was God’s providence that caused this event to happen.  Later in the account a man named Haman, who I call the sinister minister, would come on the scene.  He would try to have all the people of the empire bow to him.  The only man who did not was a Jew named Mordecai.  Haman developed a hatred for Mordecai because of his foolish pride.  Haman set out to destroy the Jewish nation, yet God used Esther to save them.  She was born for such a time as this.  I believe that nothing happens by accident or chance.  It was not an accident that Jesus Christ was put on the cross.  It was divinely planned.  One time there was a person on my heart, so I prayed I would have an opportunity to talk to them about the things of the Lord.  The next day, I saw that person in the mall and we had coffee together.  There I shared with him the things of God.  It was marvelous to see the Lord move in.  Remember it says in psalms that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.  Nothing happens by chance in the life of a Christian.  God has His hands on our lives every step of the way.  Your verses today are, Ps 23:3-4, 37:3-5, 23, and John 16:13.  Your insightful sayings are:  Alcohol and driving is like playing with electric eels in a swimming pool.  The fool is surprised when there are consequences to their actions.