A true view of love.

Song of Solomon 6:4-12 is a great picture of how a lover tries to put into words his feelings for his wife.  Dr. Graydon Giles says that this book is a view of how Jesus Christ loves His church.  The book of Ephesians gives a beautiful picture of how Christ loves the church.  Jesus was willing to give His life for His church.  He loves the church with every fibre of His being.  Even thought the church is sometimes unfaithful, Jesus Christ is willing to work with it and help it grow and mature.  I often wonder how Christ would describe His love for the church.  There is one thing that I know and that is that Christ loves His church.  In human relationships most of us have a real problem with the concept of love.  Most people have not seen true love.  They have seen man’s interpretation of love.  The bible is full of great examples of love.  Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Rachel, Isaac and Rebekah, and David and Bathsehba.  A.G. Ward the father of C.M. Ward loved to preach on this book, he regarded it as the greatest form of literature in the bible.  Today in your time of devotion try to relay as best you can your love for Christ.  Jesus can give you an avenue to God so that you can worship Him in Spirit and Truth.  Use your prayer time to raise your hands in worship to the Lord and He will really minister to you.  Your promises today are:  Ps 50:23, 148:14, Isaiah 43:21, 61:3, and Phil 4:6.  Your insightful sayings are:  The old hymn says, "truth is marching on," the problem today is that too many are marching in the wrong band.  The problem with so many today is that they want to come out of the closet instead of cleaning it.