A Word of Thankyou

This morning before I start this devotion I wanted to give a word of thank you to all the wonderful friends I met this weekend at Missions Fest.  It is always a privilege to meet the wonderful friends who listen to me on Am 930 the light.  It is such a privilege to serve in this capacity.  God has opened many doors and I wish to thank Him for His kindness and goodness.  Your many compliments and kind words are so appreciated.  I wish to also thank the leadership and staff of Touch Canada Broadcasting for allowing me to do what I do and for being part of this wonderful family.  I spent time with some of our staff from Calgary and heard some wonderful testimonies of how God brought them into the field of broadcasting.  There is no doubt that what we do is a God thing.  One story, I share this morning is about a young lady who was in grade eight when she came on a field trip to Shine FM studios.  From then on all she wanted to do was become a broadcaster for Shine FM.  Her dream was recently fulfilled and she is now part of the staff at one of our Shine FM stations.  God is so good.  My devotion is from the words of Jesus this morning.  It is simple and direct.  Matt 6:33, says that if we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness all things will be added unto us.  If you want to really fulfill your dreams and destiny, Seek God first.  If you want to make an impact on your world then seek God first.  If you want to live a free and fulfilling life, seek God first.  If you want to have eternal and an abundant life, seek God first.  I think you get the point.  God is first and then all things will be added unto you.  My last thought is this.  When I was 13, I knew that I wanted to be involved in Broadcasting.  I have had the privilege of being both a pastor and broadcaster.  Today I sit in the studios of Am 930 the Light writing this blog and I am living the dream.  How did it all start?  By seeking God first.