Aborted Retirement

Aborted Retirement – Matt 15:2`-28 & Mark 7:24-30


Jesus left Capernaum and went off to Tyre and Sidon and even there people came to Him.  A Greek woman came to Him and she asked Jesus to heal her daughter.  Jesus told her that He had come for the lost sheep of Israel.  The woman gave Him an answer He was not expecting.  She told Him that even the dogs under the table got crumbs.  She marvelled Jesus with her faith and her daughter was made whole.

Jesus had come primarily for the people of Israel.  He ministered to them but He was willing to have mercy on people who the Jews considered no more than dogs.  Jesus was the only one who could set that woman’s child free and she knew it. So she pressed Jesus on her child’s behalf.

Jesus was not trying to send her away or to be prejudiced, He wanted to see if this woman had faith.  She told Him that even a dog such as herself should be allowed to eat the crumbs under the table of the Jews.

Jesus saw that she had faith and He granted the request she asked.  Her request was met that very hour.  All Jesus wants is to find out if we have faith and believe and He will grant our request quickly for the glory of God,