Abundant Life

In John 10:10, Jesus tells us the motive and operation of the devil and how He came to give us abundant life.  The devil has only one agenda and that is rob, kill and destroy you.  He is not the little guy running around in the red suit with a pitch fork ready to jab you.  He is an individual who wants to rob you of every blessing you have.  He wants to destroy every dream that you will ever possess and if given the chance he will destroy you.  Never play in the devil’s yard because it will kill you.  Jesus however came to give you life abundantly. The old hymn says, "That we might have life and more abundantly."  Abundant life is God’s promise.  You can be successful and healthy as your soul prospers.  So today work on the inner man.  Gordon Macdonald calls it ordering your private world.  When you are right with God you will be right with the world.  Today do not fall into the devil’s way but follow God’s way and with His way comes abundant life.  What apromise and victory.