According to Conscience

Each person must live according to their conscience – Rom 14:3-4

Vs 3 – The one who eats everything must not look down on the one who does not.  The one who follows a strict diet should not condemn the one who eats everything.  The first group can suffer from pride and the second from legalism or judgment.  

Vs 4 –  Again in the same format as previous chapters Paul begins his question and answer format.  “Who are you to judge some one else or their servant?  To his master he stands or falls.  If he does stand it is because the Lord enabled him to do it.  Each person has to give an account of their lives.  Each one of us has our own personal responsibility.  This is what Jesus said to Peter about John in John 21:33, “Jesus said to not worry about another but to follow Him.”  Paul told Timothy to avoid foolish arguments such as traditions, genealogies and minor differences.  Focus on your relationship with God and the Holy Spirit will straighten out the other matters.