All About anger

In Matt 5:21-22, Jesus deals with a common problem which is anger.  It is both a root cause and symptom of unresolved issues.  Murder in most cases is a crime of passion.  A person becomes angry and this anger causes them to do things they would not normally do.  Jesus says you have heard how in the past or in the teachings of the law, do not murder.  Anyone murders will be brought before the judge.  Evidence will be presented and a verdict will be rendered.  Jesus then tackles the issue of what is behind murder and many other crimes, anger.  Anger comes because of perception.  A perception that as an individual you have been wronged.  With this emotion comes two responses, a need to right the wrong or the need to punish the offender.  We learn from Eph 4:26 that we can be angry and sin not.  God gets angry and does not sin.  What we get angry at or for what reason determines if it is sin or not.  Immorality, injustice, rebellion and sin in any form we can become angry at.  When anger is wrong is when we direct it at others for issues we personally struggle with.  Jesus says when we become angry and it leads to action against another we will be brought before the judge.  If we are angry for no real reason we are in danger of judgment.  If we call a person a fool, a good for nothing or raca which is a Hebrew swear word we are in danger of hell.  All of these are sayings that demean a person created in the image of God.  Your promises are:  2 Chron 7:14, Psalm 23, Isaiah 41:10 and 1 John 4:7-8.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Success is strickley a matter of perspective.  You may have riches and still be a failure as a person.  You can have nothing and be a success as a person.  God has never hidden Himself from man’s view.  Creation declares His glory and power.  Man has chosen to look in the wrong places and ways.