Am honourable man

In 1 Sam 26 we come across the story of David.  David was a very honourable man.  Saul for most of his life was an enemy of David and many times trieed to kill him, however when the opportunity came for David to kill Saul he never did.  In this passage we have a situation where David was given a chance to kill the man who had chased him all over the country.  Instead David spares his life.  What was it that caused David to spare his enemy?  Saul at the time was the King of Israel and David had great respect for the office of the king.  His philosophy was that God had placed Saul on the throne and that God would remove him.  It is recorded that many times David chose not to hurt the Lord’s anointed.  David never did take revenge on Saul.  He let the Lord do his fighting and deal with his enemies.  Saul did eventually take his own life and the kingdom went to David.  We can learn a lesson from David.  If we let the Lord do the fighting and take care of our reputation, we will be further ahead in the long run.  When we try and fight our own battles,many time we make it worse than better.  If we trust the Lord in all matters He will be faithful in defending us.  Trust the Lord in your battles today.  Our promises today are Prov 3:4-5, James 4:7, Matt 6:33, Isaiah 41:10 and 40:31.