Angels and Shepherds

Jan 12 – Luke 2:2-10


This morning we are going to look at the proclamation of the angels to the Shepherds.  According to this account the shepherds were outside of Bethlehem tending their sheep when an angel of the Lord comes.  They become frightened by the glory of the Lord.  The angel tells them not to be afraid for he brings them good news.  He told them that in Bethlehem the Messiah was being born.  Then a great number of angels appeared and praise God for His great blessings, so the shepherds went to see the baby.


1.        We learned that Jesus was born according to the prophecy found in Micah 5:2

2.       Jesus’ birth is great news for all.

3.       Jesus is the Christ, the Lord, and His birth was witnessed by angels and confirmed by shepherds.  The highest of heaven and the lowest on earth.

4.       Glory to God in the highest and when He reign’s, peace will be on the earth.

5.       Jesus is the Saviour of mankind.