Anointing of Jesus

In John 12:2-8, Jesus was in the home of Simon when Mary came with an alabaster jar of ointment worth one year’s wages.  She broke the seal of the jar and poured the ointment over Jesus’ head and feet.  She then proceeded to wipe His feet with her hair and clean His feet with her tears.  Simon criticised her for her lifestyle and Judas Isacariot criticised her for her waste of precious resources.  Jesus rebuked both of them, Simon because he did not see the valuable thing she had done and Judas because he was a thief and he was only thinking about the money.  Mary anointed Jesus for burial and prepared Him for death.  Jesus never looks at the exterior but always sees the heart of a person.  He was also quick to defend someone who was less fortunate.  Like Jesus we need to see the heart of others and defend them when they are misunderstood or maligned.  This story Jesus said would be told where ever the gospel was preached and this would be told im memory of her.  Today pour out your life for Jesus and ask for His anointing so the precious gift you are, can be used for His praise and glory.  Live out your story for Jesus Christ.