Answer Me Please.

In Psalm 5:1-3, David desires to see the Lord answer his requests.  He says in this portion that he waits in expectation of the Lord answering.  This attitude is so important when it comes to prayer.  Many a man of God has waited for days on their face before God for an answer to prayer.  John Wesley said, "I have so much to do that I have to spend several hours in prayer before I do it."  John Knox and Martin Luther moved nations through their prayers.  Ress Howell was known as the apostle of prayer.  He spent more time in prayer than anything else.  EM Bounds wrote that prayer is the only thing we must really do well to impact our world’s  All these great men had the same expectation that God would answer their prayers.  If you have a need today bring it to the Lord in prayer and wait with expectation for the answer.  God will never fail.  Your promises are Psalm 4:3, 55:17, Prov 15:29, Isaiah 26:9, 55:6, 65:24, Rom 12:2, Eph 6:18 and Jude 20.  Your insightful thoughts are:  Before you speak, it is best to  measure your words because once spoken they cannot be retracted.  You are known by the company you keep so make sure you know what you want to say to those around you about yourself.