Ask of Me

In Isaiah 45:11, the Lord tells His people that they can ask Him anything but they cannot command Him to do things.  Here is a perfect example of the sovereignty of God.  God is more than willing to help us and do things for us but our attitude in asking is the key.  James says, In James 4:2, that we have not because we asked not.  God wants us to ask and He is more than willing to give but you must do ii in the right way.  You cannot command God to do anything.  We are men and He is God.  As a loving Father He cares about every need and situation in our lives but He will not answer a demanding child.  Our attitude must be one of gratefulness, humility and thankfulness.  God will then not only answer but do it with zeal.  So today ask God and He will be more than willing to help but keep you asking attitude right or you will end up with nothing.