Athlete’s Victory

The athlete had trained for months for the first big race.  The big day came and he approached the starting line.  Runners had come from all over the district with the same goal in mind, to win.  One runner came with an entourage of friends.  They laughed at the line up of runners.  They said with arrogance and glee, "You are not going have any trouble with this group."    The runners lined up, the starting gun went off and all the runners took off like a shot except the young man.  He knew it was a long distance race and pace was the key.  By the end of the first lap he had caught up to most of the runners.  As he was finishing the second lap he had passed all of them except the runner with the entourage.  Near the end of the third lap he caught up to the last runner.  They raced neck and neck for most of the last lap until the runner beside the young man collapse from exhaustion.  He fell heavy unto the ground, the young man almost stopped to help him until his coach who was standing on the sidelines yelled him not to stop and do not worry about the other runner others were coming to his assistance.  The young man finished the race and won.  The Kingdom of God is not about how you start but how you finish a race, are able to ignore distractions and listen to those who God send sends to help you.