Aug 17 – More Benefits – Psalm 103:5

Aug 17 – More Benefits – Psalm 103:5


David then states that the Lord will satisfy His life with good things.  James stated the same thing

when He says that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights.  The promises of God are

yes and amen.  God has good things in store for you.  These benefits will also renew us and make us feel

young.  Through out the Bible we have the aged being renewed.  We will always feel like a child.  In fact

it is through childlike faith that we receive them.  Jesus said come like a child.  Children just take things

at face value.  If an authority figure tells them something is going to happen, they believe them.  The

Lord who our authority promises we will have all our diseases healed and will be strengthened.

So today stand upon these promises and walk in your healing and victory.  The woman with the issue of

blood believe that Jesus could heal her and she saw her answer come.