Aug 19 – Four Ways –  Psalm 103:8


Today we learn from 4 things about the Lord.  Each in itself powerful and wonderful.  These four

qualities are His eternal nature.  First, He is compassionate.  Jesus was often moved with compassion.

He saw the state of the people He was ministering to and He knew He had the answer.  Do you know

that when you offer Jesus to someone you are giving them the answer to life’s problems.  Next, the Lord

is gracious.  He is full of grace and offers this to mankind.  We are sinners from the time we are

conceived but the Lord offers us his unmerited favor.

The Lord is slow to anger.  He is long suffering.  Peter says that the Lord does not want any to perish

But all come to the knowledge of the truth.  His patience is shown everyday with us and with mankind.

Lastly, the Lord is abounding in love.  David saw this in how the Lord dealt with His sins.  Love is who

God Is.  It was His love that put Jesus to the cross.  Nothing can separate us from His love.  Great truths

to know today.