Aug 26 – God Sustains – Psalm 104:14-15

     This psalm is about the care and keeping of the Lord.  The psalmist remind us of all the things the

Lord does.  He made and sustains this world.  He gives grass for the cattle and plants for man to

cultivate. The miracle of creation is amazing.  There is not a thing that goes on around us that does not

have a purpose.  Today science is discovering more species of God’s creation.  For example in the

Mirianna  Trench which is the deepest part of the ocean at over seven miles they have found fish and

Animals that have their own lighting systems.  I have a friend who studies no see insects and he has

Discovered over seven hundred of them so far.  Amazing is our God.

The psalmist reminds us that God gives wine that gladdens the heart.  He gives oil that our faces can

shine.  The cosmetic industry is glad of this.  He gives us bread to sustain us.  All the ingredients are here

right now for life.  Water, light, soil and so much more.  This earth is a wonder and God gave it to us

all.  So today let us thank the Lord for His wonderful care and love.