Aug 27 – Vignettes on Prayer

The present series of Vignettes have focused on scripted prayers to give you structure and discipline. I recite my scripted prayers because they say what I often cannot say in a unscripted prayer time. I love both but whenever I am reading my prayers I do not lose my train of thought and this can be essential especially in times of heavy spiritual attack. The following is a prayer of adoration and worship. I am thankful, heavenly Father, that you have loved me from past eternity, that you sent the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to die as my substitute that I would be redeemed. I am thankful that the Lord Jesus Christ came as my representative, and that through Him You have completely forgiven me; you have given me eternal life; you have given me the perfect righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ so I am now justified. I am thankful that in Him You have made me complete, and that you have offered yourself to me to be my daily help and strength. Lord today I receive this strength and help in this moment in Jesus name. This is an example of a scripted prayer which gives us a straight forward clear thoughts. NO distraction and straight to the point.