Author of the Book

Author of the Book

 John is the author.  He was put on the isle of Patmos which is just a rock in the middle of the ocean.  It was on this island that he had this great vision.  The book addresses all Christians.  Jesus Christ wants man to be prepared by accepting Him or He will be part of these events in the area of judgment.  John is on the island because of his Christian faith.  He was a very old man when this happened.  He wrote the book in 95 A.D. during the reign of Domitian.  John was to share about he knew and saw.  We are given the same opportunity.  Never waste it.

August 20 – Outline

Revelation of Jesus Christ Ch 1

Message to the Seven Churches Ch 2-3

Scene in heaven Ch 4

Seven sealed books Ch 5

Opening of six seals Ch 6

144,000 and tribulation saints Ch 7

Seventh seal and four trumpets Ch 8

Fifth and sixth trumpet Ch 9

Angel and the little book Ch 10

Two witnesses and the seventh trumpet Ch 11

War in heaven Ch 12

Beast of sea and earth Ch 13

Lamb and 144,000 Ch 14

Scene in heaven Ch 15

Six bowls of wrath, Armageddon, seventh bowl of wrath Ch 16

Doom of Babylon, victory of the Lamb Ch 17

Babylon has fallen Ch 18

The coming of Christ Ch 19

Satan bound and judgment comes Ch 20

New heaven and earth and the New Jerusalem Ch 21

River and tree of life and the final message Ch 22  


Statistics:  66th book of the bible, 22 chapters, 404 verses, 12000 words, 9 questions, 53 verses of history, 10 verses of fulfilled prophecy, 341 verses of unfulfilled prophecy and 83 promises.