Be an Intercessor

Paul exhorts the Christians who live in Rome in Rom 15:1 to lift up the burdens of those who are weaker than them in prayer.  Intercession is an incredible privilege.  To be an intercessor, you are standing on behalf of someone else.  Jesus Himself is doing that right now in heaven.  We have an example of His ability in John 17, when He prays for His disciples.  He brings them to the Father asking Him to help keep and protect them during the time period between His death and resurrection.  When God allows us to be an intercessor He is giving us the privilege of being able to pray for others.  Praying for others carries with it a tremendous responsibility.  You are standing in the gap for them.  You are fighting for someone else.  You are an advocate, a representative for someone else who either does not, cannot or will not exercise their own responsibility to represent themselves.  For the backslider or the unsaved you are standing in the gap because they are discnonnected with God.  The are currently separated from God and need someone to pray for them,  For example you have a loved one who is not serving the Lord.  As an intercessor you bring them before God’s throne and you pray that God will intervene in their life before it is to late.  You are asking God to bring His reality into their lives.  Another example is when you pray for your local politician that the Lord will help them make right and godly decisions so you and your neighbors can live a quiet and peaceful life.  My encouragement today is that each of us realize we have a role to play in bringing our communities back to God.  We are the key.  Let us not falter in this task.  Our family, friends, neighbors and community are relying us right now.  Don’t fail.