Be Careful of Judgments

In Romans 14:1, Paul warns us about passing judgement on each other.  Passing judgment on another is so easy to do.  I have seen more people get into fights over what is called disputable matters than anything else.  Paul says that we should accept a man whose faith is weak.  In this age of controversy we should be more lenient with brothers in the Lord.  It is so easy to be judgmental.  That does not mean we should compromise our convictins, by no means.  What it does mean is that we are to be more supportive, strengthen and help those who are weaker in tthe Lord.  I remember a brother in the Lord and I got into a major argument on whether or not a Christian should dance or not.  I was accused of compromise when I defended those who committed the unpardonable sin of dancing.  I wanted to simply point out that people of the faith have different convictions.  It may be because they have weaker faith or maybe because of some other reasons.  Paul says let us not pass judgment on someone in a disputable matter.  Let us be supportive and help them walk through these matters.  Think about that today.  Your promises are:  Prov 3:5-6, Psalm 25:9, 32:8, 37:23-24, 73:23, 121:8 Isaiah 30:21.  Your Insighful Saying is:  Be careful to watch your words they have a habit of returning to haunt you.