Be careful of traps.

   In Prov 7, Solomon gives a stern warning against being caught up in the trap of adultery.  In this day and age so many people and even Christians are getting caught up in this.  It has been reported that nearly half the Canadian population will be at some time be involved in a single parent situation.  More times than not the direct cause of marriage breakup is adultery.  One story out of the Old Testament that illustrates what can happen when people get involved in adultery is David and Bathsheba.  They were involved with each other and this relationship rssulted in the death of two people.  Iriah the Hittite was a loyal follower of David and David because of his affair arranged for Uriah’s death.  The baby who was born to David and Bathsheba also died because of God’s judgent on his parents.  Adultery always carries with it a heavy price.  More ministers have been destroyed because of this than anything else.  It is so important that a person follow the advice of Solomon and don’t even go near a situation that may cause you to fall.  Solomon gave some sound advice.  "Be satisfied with the wife of your youth."  Your promises are:  Prov 25:28, 1 Cor 10:13, Heb 2:18, 4:15, James 1:2-3 and 2 Pet 2:9.  Your insightful sayings are:  True beauty is not measured by clothing, style, and outard appearance but the conditon of that which is in the heart.  A fool in his folly is like a chatterng squirrel in the gun sights of a hunter.