Be Careful

Be Careful – Rom 16:16-17

Vs 16 – Greet each other with a holy kiss. This was a Middle Eastern custom.  Usually a kiss to cheek custom.  All the churches in Christ send greetings.  Paul would be carrying all the greetings from each church.  It was also a general greeting.  Today’s custom is often a handshake or a hug.  The issue is making those around you as comfortable as possible.  This is the mark of a Christian gentleman or lady.

Vs 17 – Paul warns his readers to watch out for three types of people.  Those who cause division.  Those who put obstacles in the way of the faith.  Lastly, those who bring teaching contrary to what they heard from Paul and other true apostles in the faith.  Paul tells his audience to avoid and keep away from such people.  What fellowship does light have with darkness?  This just shows that false teaching has been around since the beginning of the church.  It is imperative that the church remembers that there will be individual who through their smooth took and flattering ways will even deceit the elect of God if possible.