Bear much fruit

In John 15:16, Jesus told His disciples that He chose them to bear much fruit and whatever fruit they bore would remain.  God has called all of us to bear much fruit.  We have been called to touch others for Christ.  Whenever we tell someone about Jesus Christ we are sowing seed and in time that seed will bear fruit.  That is why Paul could say as He did in Galatians that we must not grow weary in well doing because in time we will bear a harvest.  As Christians our job is to sow seed and tell others about Jesus.  We do this by the way we think, talk and how we live our lives.  We are the Bibles that most people read.  I always ask myself this question, "Lord am I good letter for you or have I miss something?"  I love this saying, "Live your life so well that the town gossip will vouch for you."  The most important fruit that we should bear is love.  People will know that we are Christ’s disciples by the way we love each other.  Love is the foundation for faith and hope.  Love will break down opposition and draw people to Christ.  The last phrase of this verse says that we can ask Father anything in His name and we will have it.  When you realize that you are chosen to bear fruit, that this fruit will remain, then you have confidence in prayer.  So today ask the Lord to make you fruitful, that whatever you do it will remain for His glory and pray until you have it in Jesus name.  Those in your world are waiting to see a real Christian and you can be that person.