Bear up the weak

– Bear up the weak – Rom 15:1-2


Vs 1 – Those who are strong should and
want to bear up those who are weak.  This
is a responsibility of the strong.  This
should be a love and duty for the spiritually strong.  Jesus did this with us when we started.  There may also be a time when we may need
some help and you reap what you sow.  It
is not about pleasing ourselves but God and others.  Acts of kindness help defeat the trend
towards selfishness.

Vs 2 – Paul then gives the exhortation
that we should please our neighbor for their good in this way they are built
up.  Jesus is our example the gospels tell
us that He went everywhere doing good. 
Godly living is about meeting the needs of others.    It is
about doing our part to help those who are weak because one
day we might find ourselves in that condition of we will be grateful for the