Bearers of Truth

This is the first of our new devotional on the Life of Christ.  In Luke 1:1-4, Luke begins his gospel by stating the claim that there is so much to say and believe about Jesus Christ.  His list of helpers, were eyewitnesses to the life and times of Jesus Christ and these same people who were now ministers of the word.  Luke wanted everything to be done in an orderly fashion.  He wanted the truth about Jesus Christ to be clearly understood.  This approach stemmed from his logical mind as a doctor.  Luke writes to Theophilus who was a member of the Roman government or perhaps a high ranking member of the Roman army.  It is evident that he was a Christian and given into his hands was an account of the truth of Christ’s life.  Theophilus was given the responsibility of being a bearer of the account or a respresentative to the Roman people.  Today it is our responsibility to be bearers of truth and the ambassadors of Jesus Christ.  Let us fulfill our mandate today.