Being Thankful

In Philemon 3-4, Paul is a man who is not slack in giving compliments.  Today we are looking at the compliment that he gave to Philemon.  I wonder if he could give us the same compliment.  Paul is thankful and he makes mention about Philemon everyday in prayer.  He is thankful that Philemon is a man of faith and love.  He has both faith in God and his fellow believers.  Philemon can count on God.  Philemon knows he can also count on his fellow belieivers as well.  This is very important because when we get into trouble it is wonderful to have a support network of friends.  We need to support each other.  Philemon also has a great love for God and the saints.  He was a leader in the church and he was obedient to the cause of Christ.  This love for God and the cause of Christ was shown in many different ways.  Philemon was a man that could be counted on.  He was  man that showed his love and faith in many tangible ways.  I hope that it will be you wish to be like Philemon today.  A person of faith.  Your promises today are:  Psalm 5:12, 34:7, 46:1, Prov 2:8, John 8:36, Rom 8:37, 1 Thess 33:3 and Rev 12:11.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Peace comes to the heart who is ready to turn from war and pain and embraces love and forgiveness.  When you fight for what is right that which is wrong will be defeated.