Believe in Christ.

Jesus was asked a question in John 6:28-29 and this question was, "What must we do to do the works God requires?"  In the minds of Jesus’ audience their faith was about works.  Jesus told them that they were to believe in the one whom God sent.  Jesus said the greatest work we can do for God is to believe in Him.  Jesus equated work for faith.   Faith is the beginning of work.  Faith is the foundation to which we start.  You have to believe in God first, then go from there.  Religion is telling us that through works of charity, kindness and love we will earn our way to God.  Jesus said, it was in simple belief in Him that righteousness and right standing with God comes.  When you believe and love God first, then good works will follow.  You do service for the Lord because you love Him.  James said that our works is an out growth of our faith.  Jesus’ audience wanted to work out their salvation without Christ.  Jesus put everything into perspective when He said that we are to believe in Him first, then the works will follow.  In Matt 6:33, we are to seek the Kingdom of God first and then all these things will be added unto us.  So today make this you starting point of faith and then as you love Him you will want to do the things that please Him.