Blessed are the Hungry

Matt 5:6 – Blessed are the Hungry

                This beatitude is so powerful.  Jesus says that those that are hungry and thirsty for righteousness shall be filled.  It seems today the opposite is true.  Today many are hungry and thirsty after the things of this world.  Righteousness is such a wonderful truth.  Righteous means to do what is morally right.  The only true standard for strong morality is the Bible.  It’s absolutes have been a standard of faith and practice since the first book which is Job was written.

                Jesus says that those who hunger and thirst for moral purity will be filled.  They will be filled with the grace, love and mercy of God.  The outgrowth of this hunger and thirst is the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  He is the one who creates and fulfills this hunger and desire.  Right thinking, leads to right attitudes, right speech and actions.  The English Bible says that those who hunger and thirst to what is right will be filled.

                Today ask that Lord to give you a hunger and thirst for righteousness.  You shall be filled and you will have the right thinking, right motives, attitudes and desires.